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STØTEK Dosotherm

The STØTEK Dosotherm is a fully automatic dosing furnace for Aluminium, typically used in pressure die-casting facilities; however, it also finds a range of applications within sand- and chill-casting foundries.

The advantages of Dosotherm compared to other dosing furnaces:

  • Charging during production
  • Cleaning during production
  • Replacement of spare parts during production
  • Clean metal – because there is no pressure in the furnace
  • The possibility of using protective gas - because of low air consumption during dosing)
  • The metal level in the pump is always high before each dosage
  • Standard spare parts
  • When introducing new tools, the furnace can communicate with the pressure die-casting machine, securing an even dosage
  • Low charging height and therefore a homogenous metal qualit
  • Accurate and quick dosing

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The furnace construction consists of a solid steel chassis mounted on an adjustable Tilting/Lifting Table, making it possible to change the height of the delivery spout. When changing alloy or cleaning the furnace, it is possible to tilt the furnace, so that the metal runs out of the charging funnels.
Furthermore, the Dosotherm can be fitted with a pneumatically operated lid for the charging funnel.

Cleaning of the holding furnace takes place through the large cleaning door. Access to the metal bath has been made as simple as possible, in order to make it easy for the operator to perform a thorough cleaning.


The holding furnace wall is insulated with a multi-layer high-quality lining minimizing energy loss. The wall consists of refractory concrete with a high content of Al2O3 with a high resistance against molten Aluminium.


The furnace can be equipped with a degassing stone in the bottom of the holding chamber. This ensures a better quality alloy. Protective gas is bubbled through the metal and thereby most of the air bubbles and particles in the alloy will enter the surface. From here it can be scraped off by cleaning (during production)

Another way to degas the alloy can be made by a degassing lance, which is put into the front chamber of the furnace at the pump.

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The heating of the Dosotherm furnace is provided by block elements in the ceiling. These block elements can, if necessary, be replaced during operation. Through the ceiling heating, the metal temperature is kept exactly at the required temperature (+/- 1°C at 725°C). The heating elements are from Kanthal spiral wire on a Ceramic support tube with connection on one side. The big advantage of this system is that it works without a power transformer. 
If the dosing furnace is equipped with porous plugs, the heating elements are covered with a special ceramic tube (shown at the both elements left), normal dosing furnaces are supplied without the protecting tubes.

Billede1 heating

The STØTEK Dosing Pump


A ceramic pump controls the metal dosing. The metal in the pump is pushed into the transport launder by pressurized air or nitrogen and flows to the filling chamber - casting mould. 

When the dosing is completed, an injector forms a vacuum in the pump, and thereby the pump is refilled with metal and prepared for the next dosing. The dosing cycle is controlled by a Siemens SPS control panel, which at the same time guarantees the communication with the die-casting machine.

When starting up a new tool at a die-casting machine, a different metal quantity is used in the beginning than during the actual process. The PLC-control can change the dosing quantity for this initial process itself, if the metal quantity is too high or too low and the machine requires this.

Models available:

Støtek Dosotherm comes in four standard sizes:


  • Dosotherm   650/15 kW        5kW/Al/h       650 kg/Al
  • Dosotherm 1210/19,5 kW     7kW/Al/h     1,200 kg/Al
  • Dosotherm 2010/39 kW      10kW/Al/h     2,000 kg/Al
  • Dosotherm 3010/50 kW      14kW/Al/h     3,000 kg/Al

Energy consumption:

Due to the unique dosing system, you'll save approximately 40 % energy and CO2 when using Dosotherm instead of similar dosing furnaces which equals to savings on the energy consumptionfrom € 5,000 – 25,000 per year depending on size.
In addition, you'll save € 2,500 per year due to the low air consumption for dosing.

Other features and benefits:

  • Prompt dosing
  • Accurate doing +/- 1%
  • Dosing weight from 0,5 - 65 kg
  • Metal filling from low height during production
  • Low energy consumption (€ 5,000 – to € 25,000 / year sawing)
  • Low air consumption for dosing (€ 2,500 / year sawing)
  • High quality of lining and insulation results in long lifetime
  • Replacement of spare parts possible during production
  • Load cell showing the amount of metal in the furnace
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Tilting for change of alloy
  • Optin of dosing with protective gas
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